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Who is Satyaparkash?

Satyaprakash is a businessman and digital marketer.

What is Digital Marketing Premium Agency?

What is The Man Groom Company?

What is Mithai Basket Company?

How much does Satyaparkash earn?

A lot.

What is Satyaparkash qualification?

Satyaprakash did his schooling at the Suraj School, Mahendergarh. After this, he has done his Graduation KLP from College Rewari, and further Post-graduation from Kurukshetra University.

And also started his career in digital marketing from seo discovery company, Mohali.

What is Satyaparkash age?

Satyaparkash is 24 years old.

What is Satyaparkash religion?

Satyaparkash is Hindu.

What are Satyaparkash hobbies?

Satya loves & like to

  • Listening to the song
  • Explore new places,
  • Making and testing different foods,
  • Playing cricket and watching cricket
  • Learning something new per day.

He believes the best utilization of free time is self-improving yourself and developing a new skill.

What is Satyaparkash mobile number?

You can contact team DMP Agency at – +91 8053760913 but if you are looking for his personal number Sorry, we cannot mention that.

Where is Satyaparkash house?

He lives in your heart, but if you want a postal address, we cannot mention it.

Who is Satyaparkash mother?

Mrs. Saroj Devi

Who are the parents of Satyaparkash?

Satyaparkash father, Mr. Rajkumar is a self-made businessman and her mother Mrs. Saroj Devi is a housewife.

What is Satyaparkash Instagram & Twitter handle?

Satya can be reached on Instagram & Twitter, the username is @satyaparkash4 & @Dsatyaparkash he is active. Try your luck.

You can always contact Company Team and follow his active Instagram & Twitter account i.e @digitalmarketingpremium4, @Digital87358758

What are Satyaparkash skills?

Satyaparkash is great at:

  • Digital Marketing,
  • Web Design and Development
  • SEO and Social Media
  • Google Ads & Facebook ads,
  • Google Analytics, and many more

Why is Satyaprakash the best digital marketer?

Satyaprakash tries to get to know the customer’s business deeply so that he can grow the client’s business through digital marketing. He is constantly improving and learning. He works on his skills and it is difficult to sit idle.

Which are Satyaparkash Youtube channels?

Currently, there are three

  • Digital Marketing Premium Agency

What makes Satyaparkash different from other Digital Marketers?

Check out this Digital Marketing Premium Playlist containing more than 10 videos and then decide what makes him Different.

How did Satyaprakash learn all about digital marketing and entrepreneurs?

Satyaprakash is a self-taught person in the field of digital marketing, he has been working on freelance projects since his college days. He initially faced difficulty but kept learning, trying, and implementing. Now he handles clients from all over the world and teaches students to be their best.


What Services does Satyaparkash Agency provide?

Digital Marketing Premium provides services like SEO, Website creation, Social Media Marketing, Content writing , Facebook/Instagram ads and PPC ads, local seo, voice search seo, etc. For more details – Check out his website Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR

Where is Satyaprakash from?

Satyaprakash was born and born in Delhi NCR.

Who is Satyaparkash father?

Mr. Rajkumar.

When is Satyaparkash birthday? 

Satyaparkash’s birth date is on 5th June 1997.

Wish him on my Social Media Account.

What are Satyaprakash upcoming projects?

Weight of Satyaparkash?

  • Weight – 58 kgs

Height of Satyaparkash?

  • Height – 5.8

What is Satyaparkash’s net worth?