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Satyaparkash, M.Sc Geography, journey to become a digital marketer. And an entrepreneur

Satyaparkash is the founder and CEO of Digital Marketing Premium Agency, Man Groom, Mitai Basket. Traveled to many places in India at the age of 22, saw what the future was. The digital marketing agency started from here was launched on 5 June 2018 and the remaining 2 projects have started from 2021.

My YouTube channel and other social media platforms help more than 500 entrepreneurs worldwide with Digital Premium which is one of the top digital marketing agency channels in India.

 I started my life as an imperfect child with many flaws. Which always depended on someone else. I’m the kind of person who loves learning and sometimes gets worried about the end result. And now there is no fear.

In my spare time, I like to study related to digital marketing and also do business studies with it. I like to invest, listen to songs, south movies, Punjabi movies, and play cricket. Money is the one thing that impresses me, there was love and relationships before, but not now.